My name is Diana and I'm an artist living in Richmond, Virginia. A few of my favorite things are guzzling coffee, reading, and cats.  

I'm an old millennial. I remember my parents getting their first PC when I was in elementary school and playing with educational programs like KidPix, Reader Rabbit, and DK's game Castle Explorer. I grew up on dial-up internet, AOL chat, and IRC. I started my first blog in 1999 when Blogger came out with their free web log publisher and I've been blogging as a hobby ever since. And yes, I'm a total nerd to this day! 

The Fresh Savagery blog is my little corner of the internet where I can share what I'm curious and passionate about. These days I'm really into exploring all things creative, making positive lifestyle changes, learning about personal growth and wellbeing, and implementing minimalism as a tool to simplify life and amplify the things I love. I hope you enjoy what I share on this little blog! 

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